Harbor City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
Harbor City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
Friendship and Service with a Purpose
International Trends and Services
Brenda McKenzie, Chair
Linked in Friendship, Connected in Service
                                        Service Project for Haiti

On Debember 8, 2012, International Trends hosted a service project for the youth at Dunbar High School participating in the Chevron Grant Program, Dreamers and Achievers. The program was designed to give the students an experience in serving others less fortunate. The project consisted of having the students assist with the assembling of 100 survival kits. The kits, designed for women, consisted of underwear, individually wrapped sanitary napkins, comb, pantiliners, soap, washcloth, deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, and disposable wipes. All the items had been pre-approved for sending to the Haitian government. The Links and the students formed an assembly line and packed the kits and then packaged them for shipping. All the students who participated were presented with community service certificates.

Prior to assembling the kits, the students were given an introduction to Haiti, its history and people by Molver Fieffe, a native Haitian and founder of the Fieffe Foundation for Haiti. The Fieffe Foundation is organized for charitable and educational purposes. Mr. Fieffe also shared numerous photographs of the lives of the people in Haiti. The students were very interested in his presentation and expressed an interest in communicating with the Haitian students and exploring other ways in which they could assist them.

In order to qualify the service project as a “STEM” related service project, the survival kit project anticipated a “design process” consisting of problem solving, defining criteria, research, brain-storming, modeling, and testing. This process was put in “teachable” form by Link Connie Unseld. The students were engaged in a discussion of international travel and the types of survival kits that might be needed depending on the terrain, climate and conditions that one might encounter.

As an additional component of the STEM initiative, the students participated in a session on college admissions. There were several preenters including Denise Simmons Graves, professor/counselor at Montgomery College and Link Connie Unseld from the Unseld school. The students were also given numerous materials to explain and assist with the college admissions process.

The culminating event of the program was a presentation of a check for $130.00 to the Fieffe Foundation to support its relief efforts in Haiti. The donation will provide tuition for one student for one year. International Trends is also considering supporting the Fieffe Foundation on a continuing basis as part of the overall Links’ objective of supporting Haiti. We may have an opportunity to partner with the Baltimore City Chapter of the Links in this endeavor as that chapter is also supporting the Fieffe Foundation.

All members of the International Trends Committee were on hand for this activity. Special thanks to Gail Johnson for coordinating the effort, to Carolyn Jennings and Yvonne-Holt Stone for doing a tremendous job shopping for the items and to Connie Unseld for lending her expertise in education.

Thanks also members of Services to Youth who were on hand to lend support and conduct the college admissions session. Special thanks to Merry Macer and Gail Johnson for handling the shipping which turned out to be a much bigger task than was anticipated. The kits were shipped to Vicki Sylvain, Coordinator, Youth Mentoring and Teen Programs, 1199 SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation, 330 W 42nd Street - 32nd Floor, New York, NY 10036.

Committee members: Gail Johnson, Candi Simms, Yvonne Holt-Stone, Connie Unseld Carolyn Jennings, Yvonne Davis-Robinson
Eileen Carpenter, Chair

(All committee members were present for the activity)

International Trends - 2011-2012

On January 11, 2014, anniversary of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, members of the International Trends and Services (ITS) Facet of the Harbor City Chapter of the Links Incorporated joined together in friendship and service with the Fieffé Foundation for Haiti (FF4H). ITS committee members gathered at the home of Molver Fieffé, founder of FF4H, to remember those who were affected by the tragic earthquake in Haiti and to pack school supplies collected from Harbor City chapter members.

​​FF4H is a nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with the Haitian people in the Bainet region to address their critical needs related to education and health. During the visit to Mr. Fieffé’s home, he not only presented to members a historical perspective on Haiti, he also gave a wealth of information on Haiti’s current state of affairs. ITS members had the opportunity to view traditional Haitian clothing and to sample a variety of Haitian food and drinks. With support from Harbor City Chapter members, ITS was able to donate a multitude of school supplies: paper, calculators, rulers, binders, and much more.

​​ The ITS committee would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to this important initiative. To learn more about FF4H’s mission please log onto

​​ www.fieffefoundation.org

Donations to Haiti through the Fieffe Foundation